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Do you talk the talk and walk the walk?

Hello family and friends,

A friend of ours introduced us to Sasha, in the Kyiv Region, who is quite the family man. He has ten children and his wife has one on the way. Sasha is a musician and teaches his children to play different instruments.

He is doing a great ministry outreach to people in a number of regions. He has a team of youth that he takes with him to share the Gospel to people in villages that other churches tell him about.

Sasha has access to large print Bibles in the Ukrainian language. The youth have been taught how to share the Gospel, and read to those who cannot see.

In this ministry, it is definitely not about numbers. This ministry is about making the Gospel of Jesus Christ personal. If this team reaches out to one family, or even one person, it is worth their time.

Some people think that sharing the Gospel is only about talk. It is not so for this team. As you can see in the picture, this young man is helping the owner of this garden plow his field of potatoes. For those who don’t know about potato growth, you should “hill up” or raise the level of the soil around the base. That is what they are doing.

These women have been working their garden all morning. Sasha’s team has come to visit with Bibles and some friendly conversation.

Encouraging words are well received, especially as the war drags on. Life in the village is quite isolated from those in the city. Television and radio may give news, but these days, it is better to believe those that you know.

Sasha is also involved with bringing humanitarian aid to people in need. At this time, we don’t have pictures to show you. We will in the future.

Thank all of you who share our stories with your friends, pray for our children, and sponsor the financial needs of MUCH!

Blessings of love and healing,
Mark and Sveta

Sharing the Word

When I moved to Ukraine in 2002, I had the love of Jesus deep in my heart. My vision was not about sharing the plan of salvation, the common desire of most missionaries. Sure, I would if the opportunity presented itself, but that was not the main focus of my work, as I saw it. My goal was to meet their most immediate physical needs.

I have done that for seven years. Every now and then, I am asked if my work is evangelical. Do I tell the children about Jesus? As I shared in The Harvest is Plentiful, it is against the law to talk about God in the orphanages. Even so, my work expresses the love of Jesus through actions rather than only words.

In my travels, I have been invited to speak to churches. I’m not a preacher, but I think that I have plenty of stories to tell about the Living God. So, I take each opportunity to share how God has taken a simple person such as me, and love his children. The best stories are those that tell about all of the natural preparation that I went through. How God built character in me through my difficulties, and the different ways that I grew as a Christian over the past 34 years. The children are coming to the different churches where I speak, and they are hearing about Jesus through my life. They are hearing about a living experience with Jesus, one that is alive today, not only a story that happened 2000 years ago.

It is true that I have spoken in twelve churches in Ukraine during the past 7 years. And I have spoken to the children in a formal setting two or three times. As God opens the doors, this un-preacher will walk through. I will step up to the plate and wait upon my God. As He gives me the words to say, I will gladly share about the love of the Living Jesus in my life; not only the good things, but all of the struggles that it takes to get to the good things.

So now, when people ask me if I am sharing about Jesus, I will answer this way. As God provides the opportunity, I will speak as He gives me the words. If I get ahead of Him and His plan for me, my mission will stumble. So, I wait for His perfect timing to speak to the ears that He has prepared to hear His words through my mouth.

To God Be The Glory!