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June 2017

Hello family and friends,

June has been comfortably warm, something like winter in Florida. The garden is growing, the orchard is producing, and life is good in our neighborhood. This summer I will complete the final third of AAC insulation on the outside of the house. The two-thirds of AAC that I installed last summer has made the house warmer in winter, and cooler in the summer. We will use stucco as a decorative finish.

Mark’s Moments

A question was recently asked, “How do you find schools to help or massage therapists who are interested in special needs children?” This is a great question! The answer is that God introduces me to people in different situations. He prepared the people ahead of time that He wanted to do the MUCH work.

From the beginning, God has been my Guide. He introduced me to one person in Ukraine that began the very timely growth of Mission Ukraine Children’s Hope.
The MUCH tree grew in this way:

My first contact was Anatoliy in Marganets. The following three outreach programs developed over a period of ten years.

His passion for the special needs children at the Orphanage was the beginning.
Within a few years, God put the Transition Home children on his heart.
A few years later, School #3 became a burning passion in his heart.

During the same ten years, the following additional ministries began in this way. My first contacts were from my missionary school experience, CDTS, in Ternopol. After that, I lived in Chornomorsk (named Illichevsk at the time). I made contacts with other missionaries, and short term missionaries through the Evangelical Baptist Church in Chornomorsk.

The following are the additional ministries and who my connections were:

EBC Food program — I was asked to bring money to this church from America for a village church and camp. I was introduced to their Food Program and MUCH became a sponsor. Victor Sapegin was my contact.



Massage Therapy Program in Chornomorsk — My need for massage therapy led me to massage therapist Dr. Nataliya Borisovna for help.




Massage Therapy in Froonza, Crimea — Short term mission couple, William and Wynna, introduced me to the needs of this child.





Dobromel Orphanage — Missionary friends, Ukraine Challenge, the president of Lviv Baptist Seminary — A Pastor in Borislav, Volodya Grishko introduced me to the Dobromel Orphanage.


Ternava Village School — Director of Dobromel Orphanage, Vladimir Yevstahovich introduced us to Lyesa Vladimirovna, who replaced him as director of Ternava school.

In the past five years, the following ministries blossomed.

Veleeky Lubin Orphanage — Director of Dobromel Orphanage, Vladimir Yevstahovich introduced us to Stepan Eyosevovich, Director of the Veleeky Lubin Orphanage.


Mykolaiv Massage Therapy Program — Director of Young Life in Mykolaiv, Illya Peryevoznuk was on the construction team that worked on our house. His passion to help the disabled drew him to MUCH. Massage therapy will connect the children with Young Life and their camps for the disabled.

I was not researching how to grow MUCH, but rather waiting for God to show me where to go, what to do, and who to help.

Sveta’s Journey

It is really amazing how God provides opportunities for Mark and me. We never know what to expect day to day. Through people and circumstances, we connect with children in need of our help. When we do, we evaluate the needs and determine if they are within the focus of MUCH. We present the MUCH Board of Directors (BOD) with the new needs, and God confirms or rejects the program or project through the wisdom of the BOD. A fundraiser is our next step. It is at this point that we look to you, friends of MUCH, for financial help and prayer. Thank you for your generous giving.

We help the children with physical and educational needs, but our greatest goal is to touch the spiritual portion of their lives. We are so pleased to receive such wonderful opportunity to tell about Jesus, pray for children and adults, and correspond with some children. Fifteen years of interacting with administrations of orphanages, schools, and parents have built relationships of trust and faith.

On our last visit, we were introduced to a young teenager by our massage therapist. (We will keep the location private because of the sensitivity of the story.) While evaluating the massage therapy of three children, this teen walked in on her own. She wanted to talk with Mark.

In a previous meeting, we learned about this teen and her brush with suicide because of an online game. She received guidance and new direction while there. Also, she received two ten-day courses of massage therapy. A special tenderness and sensitivity developed between the massage therapist and the teen. This opened a door that began the healing process.

When the girl began talking with Mark, she asked why he chose to live in Ukraine. Mark explained that God called him to live in Ukraine and help the children. She was surprise on a number of levels. She, like many people, wondered why anyone would want to live in Ukraine. They discussed finding purpose for ones life as more important than finding the best place to live. Then, she asked questions about God. She was fascinated that someone could have a relationship with God. As her time was limited, Mark saw that she wanted to know more. He asked if she wanted to write more questions to him by E-mail. She agreed. Before she left, Mark asked if we could pray for her. She was very open to this.

With each letter, the girl asked deeper questions about life, and about God. As I translated each letter, I saw that she realized that Mark, as an adult, saw value in her. They communicated freely, giving new opportunity to discuss God on a more personal level. We believe that the seed of faith that was planted in her heart will grow and bear fruit.

We believe that each opportunity to communicate God’s love, whether in a brief or long-term friendship, will create a positive change in that individual’s life. Mark and I are very grateful to God for these opportunities.

We thank you for being receptive to the call of God to help MUCH carry out His plan for the children!

Living my dream,


MUCH massage therapy programs operate through the summer in Chornomorsk and Mykolaiv. Twenty-two children are receiving massage therapy each month in the summer. You can change the life of one child. $20 will pay for 20 massage treatments for your child in July. Thank you for reading our stories and considering our children.

You can see all of our videos at our Youtube site

Blessings of love and healing,

Mark and Sveta

November 2015

Hello family and friends,

Our Christmas Fundraiser spotlight is on Education and Healthcare!

Here is our list of items that we are seeking. The orphanage in Marganets needs craft material, the school in Marganets needs educational materials, vitamins and meds, the transition home in Marganets need vitamins and meds, and the orphanage in Dobromel needs camping equipment for environmental history studies.

1. Computer Tablets 15 tablets = $3,390

2. Power Point Projector1 projector = $ 546

3. Wall maps for geography and history lessons for the classrooms

4 = $ 28
5 = $ 45
2 = $ 23

4. Wireless microphone

3 = $ 46

5. Table diode-sandbox

1 = $ 188

6. Vitamins and meds for one school year

1 School & 1Transition Home
$ 400

7. Craft material for one school year


8. Camping equipment
$ 1,100

Total $ 5,966

Our Christmas Fundraiser goal for this season is $5,966

The Christmas fundraiser is over and above the ongoing programs. This fundraiser is for the specific projects listed above.

100% of gifts received will be used for these projects. If more is received, it will be used for the ongoing programs.

We appreciate all donations, no matter what size.

Send a check to Mission Ukraine Children’s Hope

PO Box 689
West End, NC 27367
Thank you for helping us facilitate the people of Ukraine to empower their own people. Thank you for giving us aid to change the future of Ukraine by enabling their children.

Thanks to all who use Smile Amazon. Mission Ukraine Children’s Hope has been issued a $42.75 donation from the AmazonSmile Foundation as a result of AmazonSmile program activity between July 1 and September 30, 2015. We appreciate your thinking of the children when you shop Amazon.

Sveta will share about an excursion that we took to better understand one reason why the children of the Dobromel orphanage needed camping gear. I think that you will find it very interesting!

Sveta’s JourneyDSCN1890
Vladimir, director the orphanage in Dobromel took us to the historical places located near the city. It was an impressive tour of the famous places of Ukraine: the Castle of Herburtiv (click “allow” to translate) and salt mines of Salina. We were impressed by the grandeur of the castle in spite of the destruction over the years. It was very sad to hear the stories of the innocent people who died in the salt mines, the people who sought the truth and freedom for their country in the fight against communism.

Here is a brief description of these places which I copied from the Internet:
“In 1566, construction of the castle began on a very high and steep wooded hill, 1800 feet high. The castle had purely defensive purposes and was never intended foDSCN1979r permanent residence. At one time this castle in Dobromel controlled important trade routes and served to protect the local population. The entrance to the main building was defended with a massive polygonal three-tiered gate. Inside the castle was a water well, allowing the people to withstand a long siege. The thickness of the wall reached six feet. It was not only a powerful reinforcement, but also a great residence. Living space with a well thought out plan was decorated with a gallery of generic portraits and allegorical paintings. During the XVIII century, a castle in DSCN1926times of danger was a refuge for local residents. The castle was built by Yang Herburtiv, a Polish political and literary figure. He selflessly defended the rights of the Ukrainian population, studied the history of the Ukrainian lands, wrote poems in the Ukrainian language, and contributed to the development of crafts in Dobromel.”

“For a long time the government suppressed the truth about everything that happened in the DSCN2016Salina salt mines near Dobromel. In late June 1941 the troops of the NKVD committed mass killings of political prisoners. In just a week, the victims of the Soviet regime grew to 22,000 Ukrainians. Some were shot, most of them thrown alive into deep salt mines. Before that, the prisoners were subjected to severe torture. The mine was filled up to the top with human bodies.

Vladimir, director of the orphanage, asked us for 5 tents, 15 sleeping bags and 15 sleeping pads to spend time with children outdoors. For each child, it will be a wonderful and exciting journey. First, for children it is always an adventure to spend the night in a tent, eat food cooked on the fire, and to see the splendor of nature! Secondly, they will actually see the castle in which people lived and defended their city. They will see the salt mines. Children need to know the history of their country which for many years has been hidden from the people.

Tents, sleeping bags and mats are three of the items that MUCH is raising money for this years Christmas Fundraiser. Please help bring the history of the region of Dobromel alive in the lives of the children at the Dobromel Orphanage.

Living my dream,

You can see all of our videos at our YouTube site

Blessings of love and healing,
Mark and Sveta