Hi, my name is Luba. I am now seven months old, but according to the developmental standards I am as a four-month-old baby. Since my mother’s pregnancy was proceeding with difficulty, the doctors performed a cesarean section much earlier than the term of delivery. With a weight of 1.65 pounds, I came into this world. I was in intensive care for a month with an artificial breathing apparatus. Doctors had no hope that I would live. But God had His plans to give life to me.

Doctors gave several diagnoses, some of which are hemangiomas (a benign tumor of the blood vessel) on the upper left arm, muscular myopathy and torticollis. My left hand is limited in movement. I cannot grip a toy with my fingers as well as the fingers on my right hand. Perhaps this hemangioma affects the motor function of my hand. Doctors are not sure what to do with the hemangioma which has increased in size.

In August, Tanya gave me my first course of massage treatment. Muscle spasticity was significantly reduced. Also, she began to make attempts to keep my head in a raised position. In October, Tanya gave me a second course of a ten-day massage. Now I can hold my head up much better. I no longer have torticollis. I can stand on my legs for a while.

These are good results. Slowly, step by step, they see progress throughout the process. They believe that everything will be fine with me. Thank you for your prayers and for your financial support.

You can follow my progress. Mark and Sveta will let you know when I have a new progress report on this page.