Hi! My name is Vanya. I am one year old. During childbirth, I experienced asphyxia. My diagnosis is muscle myopathy. This is characterized by weakness or muscle atrophy. I was constantly in a lying posture on my back. Subsequently, the doctors say that because of this posture, I may develop scoliosis. It is also likely that I will become susceptible to pneumonia due to poor mobility. Massage treatment and breathing exercises are two of several therapies that I am receiving. It takes a long time, but my parents have big faith.

In August, I received my first 10-day course of massage therapy. Tanya, massage therapist saw good results. My muscles are slightly strengthened and now I can take two steps without the support of my parents, and stand two minutes holding on to the sofa. This is a good result. Tanya will continue to work with me.

Mark and Sveta will let you know when you can read future progress reports.