Orphanage/School in Marganets


This facility for children with special needs is overcrowded and poorly funded in the post-Soviet economy. Of the 152 children served here, a number are not orphans and their families are dysfunctional. The winter is harsh, and the temperature in the buildings does not go above 40 degrees.

markandkidsOn his first visit, Mark Koehler, founder of Mission Ukraine Children’s Hope, noticed the vacant looks on the children’s faces. Many wore ill-fitting clothes that weren’t suitable for the weather. There were few toys and games. MUCH has provided hundreds of clothing items, including warm jackets and sweaters, shoes and boots, as well as a sound system, toys, sports equipment, two small washing machines and cleaning supplies.

Our good friend, Anatoliy, managed our efforts in Marganets. From 2002-2014, he shopped for the children from a list provided each month by the administration. He may have been shopping for 20 pairs of tennis shoes at one time–all sizes, boys and girls. He wrote, “You have to see their faces. The appreciation of children is impossible to describe and write down when we give to the children. It’s a big thanks to you. Because of this help, it is first time in many years children have clothing and shoes to be dressed up not too bad.”

anatoliyandkids9-10 MUCH sends the oldest children on a shopping trip with Anatoliy and their teacher to buy an outfit for graduation that will also serve them well in their new lives. After the trip with 12 children in the spring 2006, Anatoliy wrote, “We chose the clothes and shoes together. All children were very happy and send to you the great Thanks. They have even tears out of joy in their eyes. It was their first purchases in their life that were bought by themselves.”

The children now have shoes and clothes that fit. But, they keep growing, and new children arrive. So, as in any family, it’s a constant challenge to keep them clothed. Because of the support of generous donors, MUCH has continued to provide the basic clothing needs for the children most in need for fourteen years.

MUCH closed this program in September 2016 because the government improved its provisions for the children. The basic function of MUCH was no longer needed.

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