Letters of Appreciation

From Marganets Orphanage

December 24, 2005

Dear Mrs. Patricia,

The educational body and all children of Marganets school-internat send You and Your team the best congratulations with Christmas and New Year, 2006.

We wish you sound health, happiness within your families. Thank you and all Your friends for help that You give us.

The great gratitude to You for Your son, Mark, whom you have brought up in love to God and people. And now he shares this love with orphans, who need spiritual and finance support. Your help are very great and invaluable for us.

Let God give you the best next year.
Let the fire of Your love to our orphans never die out, but always burn with blazing flame.

With a low bow to You and to Your team,

The children and educational body of Marganets school-internat

From Emmaus Christian Club

December 30, 2005

Dear our American friends,

We wish You Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, 2006. We thank God for You. You give us a really great support for “Emmaus” programm. Thanks to your support , children, who attend “Emmaus”, can receive better food. It is very important for them. Also, we want to thank you for your prayers about our children.

Let God bless you in the next New Year

With prayers for you,

the collaborators and children of “Emmaus”

From House of Hearts

December 30, 2005


Respected Mark Koehler

From all our hearts we want to thank you for your attention and care about our disabled children. For us, mothers of disabled children, are pleasant, that there are people who don’t forget Christian commandments to love their neighbours, to help people in their misfortune and they always give help if anyone has need.

And your care and help for our families support and warm our hearts. Great thank you and let God give you health.

With respect

Manager of organization House of Hearts,