Hi! My name is Ilya. I receive ten days of massage therapy at Dr. Natalya’s clinic in the city of Chornomorsk. When I received my first ten day course of massage therapy, I could not walk, or crawl, or turnover. That was five years ago.

On the street, my mom still pushes me in a stroller, but at home I can already walk with the support of canes and now I am learning to keep my balance. My dream is to walk on my own.


My progress has been slow, but steady over the years. Now, I am learning to stand up and sit down using the correct muscles. I am learning to climb up steps and walk with the aid of two canes. I am in the third grade, but receive my education at home. All of the doctors prognoses have been disproved. Only Dr. Natalia and MUCH had the compassion to give me a chance. Sponsors in America gave financially, believing in me to improve the quality of my life.



Ilya has been receiving massage therapy through our mission for about nine years. His caring mother is very responsible for her son’s recovery. She encourages him to work hard to learn to walk. In addition to the massage he receives from Dr. Natalia, Ilya also undergoes monthly courses of physiotherapy exercises and daily training to develop walking skills and maintain balance.
It is not easy for
this little boy, but thanks to Dr. Natalia and his mother, this little hero is moving forward in small steps towards his dream to walk without assistance. The doctors did not give a guarantee that Ilya would be able to walk, but the perseverance of Dr. Natalia and his mother isshowing excellent results.

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