Hi there! My name is Kayte. Here is my story. When I was very young, my parents gave me to a Baby House. It was not a very pleasant place to live. When I was six years old, I was sent to the orphanage that I would call my home.

In October 2017, Natasha, Mission Ukraine Children’s Hope massage therapist, gave Kayte a first course of a twenty-day massage treatment. This included play-therapy and sandbox-therapy. Kayte displayed immediate results. She was like a flower whose inner beauty was hidden in a bud, suddenly revealed! Her face shone with joy and happiness! Her emotions were gently channeled in the right direction.


Kayte had no ability to speak with words. This along with aggressive and emotional outbursts made it very difficult for Kayte to function in her world. Thanks to speech related massage therapy, Kayte began to pronounce words.

Working with hand motor skills helped her develop imagination and thinking. She loves to paint and talk about her work with great enthusiasm. Kayte has developed observation along with purposefulness.



Kayte’s heart is filled with love and if you look into her eyes you will see how much kindness, openness and sincerity are in them. Her life in the orphanage continues and the massage therapy for Kayte also continues!

Watch my one minute video.

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