January, 2019

Hi! My name is Valya. I am seven years old. My parents did not live according to the rules that the government requires for parents follow. I was taken away from my parents and lived in a Baby House until I was six years old. Then I was moved to an orphanage. Recently, I had an operation on my eye. I can see better now. I don’t know why, but I have big problems with my speech and communication with other children and adults.

I was surprised when Natasha called me to receive massage therapy. She is a very nice person. She became friends with me, and I feel safe with her, and find that I am smiling and feel loved when I am with her. I am becoming more active, step by step.

March, 2019

At the Dobromel Orphanage, Natasha has been giving Valya massage therapy treatments for about a year. Valya did not speak any words, and was unable to communicate what she wanted.

Now, the teachers are pleased to see her positive changes in the classroom. She has become active and has begun to initiate activities for herself. Now Valya can say simple things like, “I want an apple.” She remains uncertain about many things, and at times will not speak at all.

Massage therapy, exercise, and game therapy, have improved her nervous system, spinal alignment, breathing, and mental processing.

December, 2019

In the summer, Valya broke her upper arm, it was a very serious fracture. She underwent surgery and had a metal plate inserted into her shoulder joint. The bones reconnected and the plate was removed. Now she is doing well.

Natasha, her massage therapist, also puts emphasis on massage therapy for speech development, since the child still has problems with speech. The child is developing well, and has good coordination and posture.

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