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November 2021

Hello family and friends,

This year our Christmas fundraiser will help support the needs of two special children and the women who care for them. Our goal is to raise $7,000 to help these two families, and to support the MUCH massage therapy program.

Mark’s Moments

We highlighted Maria in Mark’s Moment’s of our August 2021 Newsletter and Sveta’s Journey of the August 2020 Newsletter.
Her grandmother, Vera, lives on a limited government pension. With that meager amount, she has been caring for Maria for eleven years. Winter is the most difficult. Utilities cost more than Vera’s pension.

Determined to make it through, Vera uses a heating mat that she hangs in the bedroom to heat the one room of their house that they can barely afford to heat. When we visited last week, the house was very cold, but the bedroom was not as cold. Maria was wrapped in blankets, with a hot water bottle at her feet.

This is the whole-house boiler (left) that Vera wants to turn on for the season. Will you help us keep them warm this winter?  

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This older tankless gas hot water heater (right) is separate for the kitchen and bath. Vera would use it only when absolutely necessary.

Sveta’s Journey

It is very difficult not to love Maria when you look at her. She expresses herself with a loud joyful noise when she sees us or the massage therapist. Her whole body, arms and legs, show her joy upon our arrival.  With her large expressive eyes, Maria takes in everything that is happening with what seems to be a clear understanding. She does not speak the human language; she does speak with her eyes. When I read the Bible to her and very simply explained what I had read, she became quiet and listened very attentively. From the depths of her eyes she looked into my eyes as if she understood everything. We believe that her spirit truly understands.

In the summer, our meetings with Maria and her grandmother, Vera, took place in their yard. Now that autumn has come, we have moved into the house. But it’s as cold there as it is outside.Vera is not using her heating system because her pension is not enough to pay her utility bills in the winter.

When Mark said that MUCH would help her with the payment, making it possible for Vera to turn on the heating system, she burst into tears. Three days later, our massage therapist, Enna, and I visited them. The house was warmer and cozy. It was clear from Vera’s eyes that she had been crying. She said she couldn’t stop crying since Mark said to turn on her heating system. Her gratitude knew no bounds.

She said, “My heart is overflowing with gratitude to people who are not indifferent to me and my granddaughter! My heart is overflowing with gratitude to God! When Mark and Sveta told me that the heating could be turned on today, I cried with joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much for your help! God bless you and meet all the needs that you have! “

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Living my dream,

Let’s work together to make this Christmas a great beginning for Vera and Maria!

Blessings of love and healing,
Mark and Sveta

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April 2021

Hello family and friends,

When I first moved to Ukraine, my purpose was unclear. I knew that I would be helping children, but the details would be revealed as time moved forward. One thing was clear; I was not called to Ukraine to plant an American business on this soil. By 2004, it had begun to be clear in my mind that the mission was not to fix problems in Ukraine. Rather, if I could enable people to realize their passion and move forward with it, that would be enough. The deeper realization of this in my mind developed overtime.
In America, the majority of people are not leaders, builders of new ideas and businesses, but rather the majority are the gears that make the great machines operate. The same is true in Ukraine. After generations of being the gears, the labor force, of the Soviet Union, the people of Ukraine were ready to build their own dreams. Even so, a small percentage will be true builders of businesses. In the sixteen and a half years of experience with massage therapy, MUCH yields 28% of the therapists starting their own massage therapy business. Here are their stories.

Dr. Natalya

God directed me to Dr. Natalya because my own need for massage therapy. She was renting the back room of a three room flat from a very elderly man. She worked with adult clients, but her heart wanted to provide massage therapy for children with disabilities. She partnered with MUCH in 2004, giving two patient hours for children with disabilities.

Over the years, she increased her medical rehabilitation education, and worked at additional facilities. By 2017, she operated a professional rehabilitation facility of her own in Chornomorsk. She, and three specialists in her employ, are serving the children of this city. Dr. Natalya has successfully met the goal of MUCH!

Natasha M.

The director of the Dobromel Orphanage introduced Natasha to me in 2010. My wife, Sveta, gave a twenty-day demonstration of massage therapy that showed results in September 2011. Natasha began the massage therapy program at the Dobromel Orphanage for children with special needs in October of that year.
After a few years of treating children with various types of disabilities, she took a great interest in how massage therapy could interact with speech therapy. Natasha was so inspired, she acquired a masters degree in speech therapy.

By 2018, She was ready to open her own massage therapy clinic in her city of Cambir. Natasha rents a room in this cheery business building. Above the door on the right is her sign, “Studio Massage”. She continues her work at the orphanage, and has her clinic operating with another massage therapist as her employee. Natasha has successfully met the goal of MUCH!

Sveta’s Journey

Ira O.

Sveta and I met Ira in the church that we were attending in Chornomorsk in 2012. She had been a nurse for a number of years, specializing in giving injections. One Sunday after the service, she proudly announced that she had completed her training in massage therapy. I leaned over to Sveta and said, “We should talk with her!

She began working with MUCH in the Policlinic. The following year she changed to home visits, and expanded developing her personal clients. Her specialty is early intervention, working with infants and children from two months to two years old. Ira has made a name for herself. Although she does not work out of a clinic setting, she works full time, visiting her patients in their homes. Ira has successfully met the goal of MUCH!

Oksana V.

Oksana (on the right) took an interest in 2016 to learning how massage therapy could help children with disabilities. She completed the training program and became certified to provide massage therapy.
Setting up a massage table in her living room, she began inviting parents with children in her district of Mykolaiv to receive massage therapy. Within a year, Oksana had enough patients on a regular basis to rent a small room in the exercise business “Fit Curves”.

Take a look at the nine certificates on her wall. Face massage, lymph drainage massage, and children massage are some of the extra knowledge and skills that she has learned in the past five years. She continues improving her ability to serve all of the massage therapy needs of her patients.
Oksana’s passion is for the infants. Being a mother of three children, she understands the value of early intervention. She is providing wonderful opportunities for infants to overcome physical differences that could become disabilities. Oksana has successfully met the goal of MUCH!


Nadya has been working with MUCH for seventeen months. After completing her training, and being certified, she quickly organized a room in her home that she could use for a massage therapy clinic.

Ovidiopol is spread out over eight miles. There are no high rise apartment buildings that are commonly found in most cities and towns in Ukraine. To build a home visit practice would be difficult and financially impractical.
Nadya’s first year has proven to be successful. We look forward to seeing what she will accomplish these next few years as her practice continues to grow and develop. As time moves forward, we believe that Nadya will meet the goal of MUCH!

I am so happy to be a part of what God is doing through MUCH in my country.

Living my dream,


Thank you for following our stories of what God is doing through MUCH in Ukraine. Please continue to pray, share our stories with your friends, and contribute when you can.

Blessings of love and healing,

Mark and Sveta

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