Dr. Natalia has a University degree as a doctor of Sports Medicine. Several additional courses in massage therapy, including a special course for children with physical and mental disabilities. Natalia is a person who never stops learning. She continually increases her education and skills in conjunction with her practice. She has extensive experience working with children with physical and mental disabilities, she loves the children very much.

Dr. Natalia helped Mark start the massage therapy clinic for MUCH in Chornomorsk, in 2004.

Tanya has been working at the MUCH since 2007. She is specializing in our Early Intervention Program. As early as two months of age, children are being evaluated for signs of the potential for developing a physical disability. Given therapeutic massage, the children display great improvement. Tanya has been a home visiting massage therapist. She travels throughout Chornomorsk, providing massage therapy for children unable to come to the Clinic because of the their fragile health or who are unable to be carried from the high-rise where the family lives.

Tanya has a husband, two adult sons and a wonderful grandson, not pictured here.

Ira has a medical degree and was a nurse in the Polyclinic for several years. Ira took two additional courses in massage therapy, one of which is a special course for children with physical disabilities. She is working at home visit massage therapy for children with disabilities for MUCH. Ira has a great desire to continue learning and to acquire even greater experience in helping children become healthy.

Ira is married and has two wonderful children.